strategies for getting things done

First off, I will not let the turkeys get me down. When someone above me on the totem pole gets stressed over something political, I will not. I will continue to work at the best pace I can, and I will not use my disgust as an excuse to slack off. Furthermore, I will not be disgusted. I will be filled with Tao.

When the only option I see is an ugly hack, I will perform an ugly hack. I will not wait until I learn more or keep waiting for help that is not forthcoming. I can always fix things later, when I have knowledge and tuits.

I will keep talking about what I’m doing, because that gets people talking back to me about whether they like it or think it’s dumb or think I’m screwing up a good idea. This feedback makes me feel happy and productive.

A haiku:

	the same thousand lines
	a thousand times
	this benchmark is pointless
Written on January 6, 2005
🏷 advice