movies I haven't liked

The human race has produced many motion pictures. Many of them have been labelled as classics. I have seen many of these classics. Quite a few of them have irritated me. I will name a few.

Raging Bull: Robert De Niro plays a boxer. His character is very insecure, jealous and angry. He hits people, yells at them, and engages in bloody boxing matches. In the end, he is a flop. Now imagine that it takes me two hours to tell you this story, and that I yell the whole thing.

The Candidate: In 1972, a well-meaning and sincere man runs for Senate. His handlers do a good job at making him come off as insincere and self-serving. The classic mistakes of the Democratic party are made, and a lot of dysfunctional personal relationships are left unexplored. The movie is not a documentary: the Democratic challenger wins. (That said, Redford delivers a great monologue in the back seat of a car about an hour and twenty-five minutes into the movie.)

Manhattan: I liked Annie Hall. It was about neurotic characters who had awkward relationships, but really cared for each other. Their affection for one another is obvious, so the fact that they’re irritating people is made a quirk instead of a definition. Manhattan is Annie Hall with no affection.

Written on January 7, 2005
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