sunday, on which work is attempted

Gloria is off to a kickboxing workshop today, and I’m left to my own devices. I puttered around for a while, getting nothing much done, except for a backup. Note to self: burn backup to image, then image to disk. This reduces the risk of coastering a DVD. Finally, I let myself turn on the dreaded TV to provide background stimulus. With MAS*H playing in the background, I started to get work done. I feel sort of like Robert De Niro in Awakenings; I really just want to get to the window to look out, but I can’d do it without the pattern on the floor. (This analogy makes more sense in my head than on disk, I think.)

I fixed a bug with “search” in Bryar (only fixed in my DataSource) and now I’m on to finally getting some Rubric work done. Also, I got some hot dogs.

Also, my laptop is making a strange noise when I turn it off angle, sort of a whizzing hum. This is not as bad as my iPod, which turns on, alternates between the Apple logo and the exclamation mark folder. Worse, it clicks. Click, click, click, hum…. click, click, click… shit.

I have many times said that the $500 I spent on my 40GB iPod was some of the best money I spent. I should add that the $60 I spent on the extended warranty is likely to also be classified as “best money spent,” soon. Too bad Heide’s iBook isn’t as trivial to repair. She sent it to me because it won’t boot. Either the IDE or the hdd is messed, and I can’t get her iTunes or iPhotos data off, which is a real bummer. I’ve asked the local repair place to try to recover it, but I don’t think they’re going to try. At least she was backing up most of her data to iDisk.

Written on January 9, 2005
🍏 apple
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