fish, beer, snow, muffins, and not-zombies

Last night, Gloria and I went to Granny McCarthy’s for their Friday fish’n’chips. It was OK. I enjoyed it, but just as an event. I think that I prefer the fish and chips at the Brew Works, but the Brew Works is noisier and more crowded. On the way home from dinner, I ran into Penn Pizza and grabbed a six of Pilsner Urquell. Brian came by and we hung out for a few hours, talking about geeky things. I showed off Rubric and Wikalong. Brian is learning how to use regular expression, and said he’s using the Sams book. I’ve heard it’s a good book for beginners, but I’ve also heard that there is no good book for beginners. I’m waiting to hear what he thinks of it, overall.

We also played some video games. My first GameFly game arrived: Resident Evil 4. I am amazed by it! It’s not that it’s totally awesome and amazing. It’s very good, but I don’t think it will make my top ten list (or, probably, my top 20). The amazing thing is that it’s good at all. Every previous Resident Evil has made my skin crawl, and not in the way intended. I really wanted to like them, because I want good horror games to exist. Despite that, they were just so /awful/! The controls blew, the gameplay blew, the storyline blew… finally, I feel like they’ve gotten things right. Not only that, it still is clearly a Resident Evil game! Nice work, Capcom. It only took about eight years!

Before Brian left, I forced him to play soem Typing of the Dead, too. That game rules. I’d forgotten how horrible the quality of the voice acting is. It’s hard to care, though, when you’re shooting zombies dead by typing, “Me me me me me me me!” as fast as possible. If you have a Dreamcast (or a PC, I guess), get this game! Or, hey, stop by and I’ll let you play.

Brian only had one beer, and I had two, which left me with three beers. That’s probably good, because we’re basically snowed in, now.

We knew it was going to snow, and it was expected to start between 10 and 12. It was already snowing by about nine or so, so we started to get in gear early. (Well, earlyish.) We headed to Perkins for breakfast, where I learned that their scrapple isn’t half bad. We got some muffins and cookies, too. I ran in to Game Crazy, because I was down to two or three free blocks on my GCN memory cards. We stopped in and saw Mom, and then headed downtown to get ice cream.

The Hedgehog was open, thankfully. Barbara had just gotten in and we helped take the chairs off the tables while she got things opened. After that it was straight home. We’ve been here ever since, with a few trips out to shovel the sidewalk. I guess we’ve gotten about ten inches so far, which isn’t so bad, really. We had some tea and a cookie during the day, watched a few episodes of Battlestar Galactica, and kept warm.

Gloria made a white-bean chili, and it was good. We had some more tea and muffins for dessert; the tea was good, and my muffin was OK. Perkins’ muffins aren’t as good as Giant’s.

I’m not sure when the snow will stop. Tomorrow’s forecast says “Blowing Snow” which is sort of weird. It also says that there will be total accumulation of 10-14 inches, and that we’ve got 8-10 now, so I guess it will keep going for a while. It also says that with wind chill, it will feel around -8 to +3 degrees Fahrenheit. I think we’ll stay in tomorrow, too. We have three Netflix DVDs. We should be fine, but maybe I’ll walk up the street and get some popcorn.

Written on January 23, 2005