always know where your towel is

Tonight, I knew where my towel was. It was on the third hook from the shower entrance. That’s the one directly over the plug and one to the right. It was there when I went into the shower, hung on top of my locker key.

When I left the shower, my towel was gone, and my key was there. If it was an honest mistake, why didn’t the towel-taker realize immediately that it wasn’t his towel. He left the key, after all!

I patted myself down with my clothes and got dressed. You never appreciate how useful a towel is until you have none!

Work was uneventful. I hit a few CGI upload related problems, installed some software on a new server, and got generally fed up with Microsoft.

At home, I’m working on Rubric 0.05, which is just the “write some freaking tests!” release. So far, I’ve got coverage up from about 30 to about 40 percent. I’m just getting the low-hanging fruit for now, calling methods that are in use all over the place except the test suite.

I read more of Stealing Sheep at the gym, and I’m finding it interesting, but I’m worried about the way that he (so far) seems to think that it’s never, ever OK to leave one local church for another. Still, I’m less than half done.

My hands hurt. I’m going to bed.

Written on January 21, 2005