journal for 2003-01-27

catching up

Given a weekend spend drinking beer, hanging out, and playing video games, I have some catching up to do: catching up on coding, writing, and sleeping.

I think I’m caught up on them all, about as much as I’ll get, now.

The hanging-out with John C and Bryan was a success, I think. We drank some beers (Bryan drank Smirnoff Ice) and played video games, mostly. BMX XXX, DOA2, Rogue Leader, Rez, Freq, Typing of the Dead, and probably some other stuff I can’t remember. Strangely, I think DOA2 was the only 3P game we played, and we didn’t play that as three players for long. John C brought up Revolt, too, which seemed pretty cool.

I looked for it at EBX, but ended up just getting Soul Blade and FF8. I got a new VMU, too, and learned that there are files I can’t copy from one VMU to another, which really sucks, since the one I have now is in bad condition.

geek things

I put out another rev of jGal today, but it isn’t where I want it for R1. John C offered to make a gentoo port for it, which is cool, but I’m a little worried about how that might affect my bandwidth. I guess not much. I still want to look into more bandwidth, but Speakeasy still hasn’t gotten back to me about the hassles of upgrading. That really blows. What the hell is up with their sales team? Whenever I ask them to take my money, they blow me off. Then, later, they ask me to buy the things I wanted two months earlier. Gah!

Written on January 27, 2003