this game strengthens the soul of rjbs

I read a lot of good things about Soul Calibur, but I’m not a big fan of 3-D fighters, so I didn’t rush to pick it up. When I found out that Soul Calibur is the sequel to Soul Blade, though, I was tempted: I used to play Soul Blade at a friend’s place. I wasn’t very good, but I really liked Voldo. I think he was designed to appeal to people who weren’t interested in seeing Sophitia’s panties, and I’m OK with that.

I went even to the dreggier of the local game stores before finally ordering from IGN. Ordering used games from a real store strikes me as weird, but it was faster than eBay, and I wanted it in time for phun and bda’s weekend visit. (Note: we never played it.)

So far, I have two first impressions: it looks really good, and it seems like there are about a million moves and combos. I feel like, at some point, this game could be zenned – although maybe only by a True Master. The DC d-pad makes control pretty finger-friendly, and the animation can be so fluid that I really feel like I’m in control of an ass-kicking ninja master, rolling through one combo after another. I am annoyed, as always, that I’m better with nearly everyone than I am with Voldo. It is a new goal of mine to become a good Voldo player.

Ther other impression is that it seems to lend itself to button-mashing. I got all the way to Inferno on my first (well, maybe second) quarter, and I’m pretty sure he’s nearly the last opponant. Still, a look in the options menu showed me that I’m on medium difficulty, and there are approximately ninety levels above that, each named “/adjective/ hard.” Once I master more combos, I’ll try “hella hard.”

Written on January 27, 2003
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