journal for 2003-01-22


Boring, annoying day at work.

Audit meeting, when I was working on other things.

Meeting to discuss general plans for a project that delved down into too many specifics.

Lots of static discharge from my carpet.

I did have a good discussion with The Other Boss about global development stuff. Unfortunately, I just don’t know if we’ll get the global dev group working. I think local politics may prevail. I’m hoping I can at least get the three most current projects basically working at some point in the future. I need a lackey!


Soul Calibur came, today. I played a little of it, but not much. I had to watch my taped Smallville (it was good). SC was decent, but I need more time with it to be really sure. The Dreamcast d-pad is so much better than GCN’s!

I did more work on my IF projects, and I’ve gotten my IntroComp entry out of the deep recesses of the MBTA. I need to figure out how to build up tension before the “end.”


Fun news for me: jGal was posted to Freshmeat. I’m a little annoyed that one must argue for the inclusion of a free software project there, but whatever. I got a huge amount of traffic today, but accidentally broke my logging around 1500. Still, the logs that do exist are huge. I’m interested to see them webalized!

I fixed a bug in jGal this morning, and I might try to do some touchup work to make it more pureperl this week.

Written on January 22, 2003