journal for 2003-01-20


I didn’t have the day off, today, and that’s alright. I wouldn’t have objected to another day to loaf around, but I had plenty of work to get done, so it was alright. In fact, I went in for a good thirteen hours. That meant that I got to coast somewhat and still get more than eight hours’ work done. Sweet.

I’d wanted to mess about with the case listing routines (the API, really) in MASH, but it didn’t work out that way. I mucked around a lot with general standards, and tried to get ready to get the latent “development group” activated. Hopefully I can get that ball rolling tomorrow.

The talk of layoffs has been diluted by talk of Big Business rolling through the door. I don’t know what to think, anymore. I almost wish I could be totally ignorant of what goes on, so I could just code in peace. (q.v., Tao, sec 7.1</a>) Since I can’t, though, I wish I knew just what was going to happen. I don’t like waiting for this kind of thing. It impedes my efficiency.


No work done, lately, on jGal or Debug, although I did post jGal at Freshmeat. I also played around with DJB’s tcpserver for a while, making some simple service stubs. When I do more work on Acropolis (ha!) that should be useful.

What I did manage to work on was my IF stuff. I poked around at my old account on the IF boards and found out there’s a competition brewing to write the best introduction to a game. In other words, I need to convince players that they want to see the rest of my game. This sounds like fun, and I’m working on an old WIP for it. I don’t know whether I can win, but I wouldn’t mind just getting noticed and getting feedback.

rare breed

About six months after buying my bottle of Rare Breed, I’m just about to finish it. I think that’s a Fine Value, and will continue to buy that excellent brand. Sure, it’s more expensive per liter than plain ol’ Wild Turkey, but it’s so much better, and I can make it last so much longer! It was definitely a great find.

I wonder whether Steve ever opened his bottle.

Written on January 20, 2003