journal for 2003-03-21


Work was weird, today. I had some kids from Freedom High come in, doing community service. They were creating some web site about local tech jobs for the Discovery Center. I told them what I did, how I got the job, what kind of training one would need to be a c0d3r, and so on. It was weird. When done, I was supposed to hand them off to the sysop, but he wasn’t around, so we talked about Something Awful and video games for a while. It was interesting to hear about the nuances of EQO and UO.

I got tied up working on stupid little pieces of some programs, today. Please note that MSIE doesn’t support CSS very well, in case you’ve been living in a cave. I had to write (steal) ECMAscript to simulate td:hover. I mean, why the hell must their rendering suck so much?

I showed Mozilla Composer to Trevor, and in the process saw a few neat features that I hadn’t seen before. I’m hoping he’ll stick to that instead of the other zillion craptastic HTML editors. Maybe he’ll even see the light of Mozilla. Gecko good, MSIE bad! It’ll never happen, but if we ran Moz inhouse, it would be the awesome.

I had a tuna sandwich at lunch and Pepsi One. They were both pretty good. I haven’t written any more diet soda reviews, sadly. I’ve found that diet Pepsi and Coke taste the same, almost. I don’t have anything to say about them.


I took my bike down from the rack today and rode to and from work. It was nice to ride again. It felt like years since I rode last, but getting back on was just like riding a bike: it all came back. Soon enough I can get out on the path and see how that goes. Maybe. I’ll have to think about doing it early in the morning, before work, so that it doesn’t interfere with our gym schedule.

I did an hour of elliptical machine using (ellipsis?) tonight, and it was good. I keep meaning to use my working-out time to think about what to do for the Iffy Art competition, but I don’t. Or, I vaguely try a little and then move on to think about nothing in particular.

Written on March 21, 2003