journal for 2003-03-30

really quick update

It’s pretty late, and even though I’m not tired, I’m going to hit the sack soon. I need to get up in about seven hours, and I need my beauty sleep.

I’m feeling a little crappy. I went to the gym tonight and did some serious ellipticizing (1000 Calories, same as Friday), and I feel energentic and good, but the crappiness remains where it was: in my throat. I feel a sore throat coming on, and I hope I can avoid it. The weather really stank this weekend. Today we had cold wind, rain, and even some snow. I was under dressed when we went to do the laundry, largely because it wasn’t as cold in the early morning as it became later. I don’t think that was the source of my throat ickiness, but I’m sure it didn’t help.

I read The Drawing of the Three Today. I bought the second, third, and fourth books in the series yesterday. I’d read the first, on bda’s suggestion, and it was Good. The second was good, too. I think I might be able to get through the third, but then I’ll need a break.

Gloria made awesome nachoes on Friday and awesome mushroom sammiches yesterday, for the record.

I beat Zelda tonight, although I know there are copious side quests I didn’t complete. I’ll probably go back and do them on my initial save game. I have a “second play-through” save open, too, but that seems like a big hassle. It should be neat for a lark, anyway.

OK, that’s it. Sleep now.

Written on March 30, 2003