shafted by nawab

September 12, 2005  🥘

We went out to dinner with my parents tonight. We went to Nawab, the local Indian place. They had coupons for two-for-one entrees, which said, “Cannot be combined with other coupons. One coupon per person per visit.” The waitress would only take one coupon, though, saying that the “cannot be combined” meant that only one coupone could be used for the entire party of four. This totally blew. My mom was treating, so she got stuck for an extra twelve bucks or so.

tivo thirty second skip

September 12, 2005

I keep forgeting this, and every time I need to know I look here before resorting to Google. So, to save myself a step in the future:

saturday indulgences

September 11, 2005  🥘 🍿

Today was pretty relaxed, as Saturdays should be. We split a chocolate coconut milkshake, walked around downtown just a little, and came home to do some DVD watching. First we watched disc two of season two of Dead Like Me. It bugs me that they cancelled this show, especially because I’m assuming that the last episode won’t wrap things up. (Please don’t tell me, thanks.)

apple terminal hell

September 9, 2005  🍏 💾

There is not a good terminal for use with Mac OS X, as far as I can tell.

defending copyright on the bible

September 8, 2005  🤤

A few weeks ago, I got an email asking about my RSS feeds for the daily bible reading provided by the USCCB. (The USCCB is the US Conference of Catholic Bishops.) I said that I hadn’t heard back from the USCCB since I last tried to contact them in June and they stopped returning my emails (though they seemed to be interested in providing RSS).

(the )?ringu?( \d)?

September 6, 2005  🍿

Everyone was so excited about The Ring when it came out that Gloria and and I, who don’t mind a good scary movie, rented both The Ring and Ringu back in early 2003. I thought Ringu was really scary, and still do. I wasn’t really excited by the ads for The Ring 2, though, and we didn’t go to see it. Every once in a while, I’d see “Ring Zero” on the shelf at the Asian imported DVD place in the mall, but I avoided that, too.

wireless tivo

September 4, 2005  🔐

As long as we’ve had our TiVo, it’s been connected to our network by a long cat-5 cable that runs across the living room, through the library, and into the office. Tonight, John asked if I wanted to tag along on a trip to Best Buy. I did, just for kicks, but I had a quick look through the networking aisle and found a cheap 802.11g USB adapter with a “TiVo Compatible!” sticker on it. It was only $30 after rebates, so I bought it.

nexting out of loops via sub calls

August 18, 2005  🐫 🧑🏽‍💻

12:19  * rjbs wants macros in Perl. 12:19 rjbs: Lisp-style? :) 12:19 of course 12:20  * rjbs wants a simple expression that can evaluate to "warn and next" 12:20 (loop-assert cond message) 12:21 which would become (unless (cond) (warn message) (next)) 12:22 sub `loop_assert { my ($cond,$warn) = @_; unless($cond) { warn $warn; next } } 12:22 heh 12:24 er... wait... 12:24 that works!?  next will propagate up the call stack? 12:24 how did I not ever know this? 12:24 That's what the ` is for :) 12:24 no, but it seems to do so already 12:25  * rjbs tests more thoroughly. 12:25 Yeah can use loop control in a subroutine but you will get a warning too. 12:26 hell, I'll use "no warnings" for that.

my plane crash

August 17, 2005

I had a dream, last night, that Casey got me a job working with him at his new gig. I worked at a small desk pushed together with his and Uri’s. Our boss looked like Wilford Brimley, and knew it. He’d walk up to us and say, “What’s for breakfast?” I felt bad about ditching Pobox, but I guess I really wanted to work for Wilford Brimley.

coke zero

August 17, 2005  🥘

I’ve been drinking a lot of Coke Zero lately, despite my previously stated goal of evil-corporation-avoidance. Coke Zero is basically zero calorie Coke Classic. It tastes like Coke Classic, not like Diet Coke. I can get it, in Bethlehem, at 7-11, Wawa, gas stations or the grocery. Yesterday I stopped at the Wawa at 11th and Arch (I think) in Philadelphia and they didn’t have any. Everyone I asked about it at work assumed I meant Diet Coke with Splenda (the third Diet Coke), and hadn’t seen Coke Zero.