offlineimap, mutt, and postfix are alright by me

November 28, 2005  📧 💾

Many times I have complained that Thunderbird and are no darn good. They both filled me with hope of reading my mail offline and writing responses that will go out when I’m back online. Both, too, disappointed. They were just too hard to use, too hard to configure, prone to data loss, and provided me with generally crappy tools for dealing with my mail.

march of the penguins ad

November 25, 2005  🍿

I just saw an ad on TV for the DVD of March of the Penguins. The announce said, “This Tuesday, see how much fun it is to be a penguin!”

turkeys and other things we ate today

November 25, 2005

Gloria had done a good bit of preparing for the feast over the last few days. I helped just a little. Today was the big day, though, and it went well. We got up at quarter to five, this morning, and I was amazed to see a light coating of snow over everything. It was only on the cars and the trees, though; the roads were just a bit wet.

fired again

November 15, 2005

Last night, I had the same dream as the night before. I got fired. I worked for and with the same people, but I was a comic book writer/illustrator. We produced a number of comics, including the one I worked on the most. Its name was something like “Hellboy.” Maybe it was Hellboy, but it wasn’t the real Hellboy comic. I think I wrote an issue in which the narrator spoke about how his china cabinet was a gateway to hell.

cpants updated (for me)

November 15, 2005  📚 🐫

I’ve done a bit of poking at Module::CPAN::Generator and put together my own cpants.db. I also tweaked my cpants Querylet, so I can look at my Kwalitee results and find that… dangit! Rubric 0.12 left use strict out of a module somewhere. Argh! I need to (a) get domm to let me give him updated cpants.db for the website or (b) run my own version of the website.

my kingdom for a good stickies application

November 15, 2005  🍏 💾 🤤

I want a way to take really quick notes. I want to scribble down a to-do, write down a MySQL log position, write down the length of time it took to build the CPANTS database, or whatever.

a pox upon j.p. mcgrady's

November 14, 2005  🥘

There is a bar near the intersection of 3rd Street and Adams Street in Bethlehem. It is called J.P. McGrady’s. They have good burgers, good wings, and a wide variety of beers on tap. Despite this, tonight I say, “A POX UPON YOU, MCGRADY!”

early morning braindump

November 4, 2005

This morning as I walked to the bus terminal, I had a thought and said to myself, “You should write that down once you’ve got the your laptop open.” Of course, I’ve forgotten it by now.

some of my recent coding

November 1, 2005  🐫 🧑🏽‍💻

I finally released 0.12 of Rubric. It’s not everything it could be, but it’s better than nothing. All of its tests pass, due to a better cleanup routine before testing. It uses strict in the (pointless) module, which gets rid of that one black mark on my CPANTS score. I was really wondering when domm would update the scores, but now I want him to wait until I fix my most recent upload.