disgaea earns my wrath

I thought it would a nice relaxing way to start my Sunday! I’d play some Disgaea, level up a few items, maybe even beat whatever level it was that I’d stopped playing on.

Well, I popped the game in, beat a level of story mode, and entered Item World. I was cruising through the easy levels of a Model 24 pistol, when I got to a level that was, apparently impossible. Blue squares were invincible. The invincibility pyramid was on a blue square, so I couldn’t destroy it. The dimensional gate was on a blue square, and gate guardians never leave their home square. In other words, unless I’m missing some secret Disgaea lore, the level was not beatable.

In Item World, you can spend hours getting working your way through, and there are no save points. If I had spent hours getting to that level, I might have had to murder someone. Having spent something like thirty minutes getting there, though, I was only enraged enough to write this journal entry. Ten more minutes and maybe Altus would be getting an angry letter…

Written on October 2, 2005
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