falling down

December 13, 2005

I just had the weirdest experience.

instant order update, in case i forgot

December 9, 2005

While preparing some information on the books I’m going to suggest for our reading club, I looked up Youth in Revolt and saw this across the top of the page:

dude, where's my samba share?

December 5, 2005  🤤

Last night I was up late doing some preparation for a game today. I wanted to listen to some music while I worked, but I couldn’t get my damn Samba share to mount. It would wait and wait and wait. After ten minutes or so, I’d get a message that was pointless, as most Samba errors tend to be, at least on Mac OS. It was something like, “You can’t mount this share because stuff isn’t working.”

tivo-to-go on mac

December 2, 2005  🍏

According to the latest TiVo News emailling, “we are targeting mid-2006 for Mac support for TivoToGo(TM)!)” This will make me very happy, and make me feel much better about not building a MythTV. I hope they hit that target. It may make bus rides less boring, even though it will give me a way to avoid reading.


November 30, 2005

I started using “rjbs” as my identifier everywhere a few years ago. It was a very good idea, and I should have started using it years earlier. I’ve given a fairly detailed history of other usernames I used in the past elsewhere. I’ll move that history to my wiki at some point, I guess. I just got to thinking about “rjbs” and other actually-related-to-my-name names on Thanksgiving, when talking with my Uncle Richard.

rudeness smells bad

November 30, 2005

Is it really so inconceivable that a smoker can go two hours without a cigarette? If so, why aren’t smokers more afraid of their own addiction? Anyway, that’s not my problem. My problem is that now the back of the bus smells like cigarette smoke, and I know the smell won’t reach the front of the bus, so the driver won’t do anything about it.

mwave must be desperate

November 29, 2005  🤤

Friday, January 31, 2003: Thanks for placing an order! Here’s an email confirming that we got it. By the way, to log in, you have to use this arbitrary username that we’re providing. Don’t lose it, since this email doesn’t contain details of your order, like what you ordered, what we’re going to charge, or when it will ship.

vh1's top 100 albums and me

November 28, 2005

In 2001, VH1 had a show on which they proclaimed what they thought were the best 100 rock’n’roll albums. I agreed with some things and not with others, and I printed out the list to use as a checklist for album acquisition.

code i've been poking at

November 28, 2005  🐫 🧑🏽‍💻 📕

I haven’t done any programming at all, this holiday, which is just fine with me. I have had a really nice, relaxing time. I’ve watched some lousy movies, read a decent book, played a lot of Disgaea, and eaten at least three slices of pumpkin pie.