why won't freenode staff shut up?

Seriously, if I ever go 48 hours without seeing a global notice on freenode IRC, I think I will fall over in disbelief.

“Um, hey guys, we’re a little slow, that’s all. No worries.”

“Hey, me again. Someone was trying to attack us with a dictionary attack. I guess some of you should change your passwords.”

“Ok, new policy, from now on, if you’re not registered, you can only privmsg once a day, except on days when somebody screwed up the server.”

“We are now known as Freenode, and no longer as freenode irc. Thanks.”

“What’s up everybody? Sorry to bother you, but I lost my keys. If everyone could check under their channel’s sofa, that would be great.”

Written on October 14, 2005
🏷 irc
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