grumpy on christmas

I’m feeling pretty grumpy, which is pretty much the exact opposite of the way I’d like to be feeling around bedtime on Christmas. I blame the Marquis Theater in Easton.

Everything started out alright. We got up fairly early and rushed through our morning routines so that we could get to my parents’ to exchange Christmas gifts. Jacob, my two-year-old nephew, was pretty stoked and was demanding that everyone get up and play. During the actual exchange, he lost interest a few times and wandered off, but he still seemed to have fun. He also correctly identified one of Carmita’s gifts as a “microplane.” Yow!

We watched the Muppet Christmas Carol and ate some sweets. Gloria took a nap, and I joined her for a little bit. I spoke with my grandmother in Germany. Eventually, we ate the traditional (for us) clam chowder and fish dinner. (Dinner, although it was only about two thirty in the afternoon.) When we were done, Gloria and I headed home, took another nap, watched a little bit of the Santa Clause, and chilled out.

My dad and I had been talking about seeing Good Night, and Good Luck, and I saw that it was playing at a theater in Easton. We headed out there – it’s about a twenty-five minute drive – and when we got there, the box office told us they were no longer showing it. This, despite the information not only on the web, but also on their big marquee sign outside. There wasn’t much we could do, but I was really annoyed.

Dad brought me back to my apartment, where I grabbed some things and headed with him back to my parents’ place to be social. (Gloria had to work tonight.) Once I got there, I found that everyone was watching season one of Lost, which I’ve already seen. It wasn’t interesting, and everyone was watching it – except for my dad, who needed a little iPhoto help. I did some reading in one of my new books, but mostly I was getting grumpier. Then my brother and I got into some really pointless argument; I’m not sure why it started, exactly, but it was about nearly nothing and left me angry.

I asked dad to take me home, where I found that an MX that I care about got blacklisted. I just want to go to bed and wake up happy and with plenty of time to relax and read.

Written on December 26, 2005
🏷 christmas