cpan testers who shouldn't

The CPAN testers are, in general, a crew of kind-hearted people who perform a valuable service for module authors. They run tests for all kinds of modules – even ones that the tester just doesn’t care about. How else would we ever know that XML::Fudge::WithPeanuts doesn’t work on OpenVMS/3.2-cray?

Really, though, they are a good bunch and should be applauded and given beer.

That said, every time somebody decides to submit automated test results from a system that doesn’t give up if it can’t meet a distribution’s clearly declared prerequisites, God kills a kitten.

It is not that hard: if you don’t meet the prereqs, either instal them or (more likely) give up. Don’t waste my time loading your report, just so I can see that all of Log::Dispatch::LogTable’s tests failed because you don’t have Log::Dispatch.

Written on December 17, 2005
📚 cpan
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