big hand on the six

July 17, 2006

Bryan starts today, so I planned to get in early so I’d be around and helpful the whole day. Normally, I catch the ten o’clock bus, which gets me to work about noon. Getting in early requires catching the six thirty bus, which gets me there between eight and eight thirty.

somethingawful hates my wawa!

July 15, 2006

Something Awful ran an article about the national asset database and the things it should include. This included things like the Statue of Liberty, the Golden Gate Bridge (built with steel from Bethlehem), and Wawa. Specifically, “Wawa, Green Lake, PA.”

a reading drought

July 14, 2006

If my wiki’s ReadingQueue page is to be trusted – although it seems broken rght now – I have’t read any books in months. What’s going on? If I count comic books, I’ve read two. That’s hardly a big improvement over nothing, I think.

that guy who sits in front of me

July 14, 2006

There are fourty-four seats on the bus I take to work. There are ten people on the bus. Despite this, like clockwork, That Guy sat in the seat in front of me, put his chair all the way back, and turned around to figure out what his seat-back hat hit. Like clockwork, I moved to another row.

ds lite get

July 5, 2006  🎲 👾

Gloria decided, today, that I am so awesome that I deserve an early birthday present. Who can argue with that kind of reasoning?

testing new code on old perl

July 3, 2006  🐪 🧑🏽‍💻

When putting together a slide for YAPC, I felt a little guilty about showing in a slightly uglier light than required, mostly by avoiding the use of “our.” I wrote a little to do for myself, at the time, to see whether Sub::Exporter would even work on an our-less perl. This has been a pain.

yapc day two: the web, the email, and the ugly

June 28, 2006  🐪

Today there were two ugly talks – I don’t mean talks that disgusted. Really, they were just talks that made me wince. Cog talked about Acme modules (Acme::ProgressBar made his list!), and he showed a few modules I hadn’t seen before. Acme::Octarine was amusing. I think the biggest laughs were for Acme::Lingua::NIGERIAN.

yapc day one, part two: the rest of the day

June 28, 2006  🐪

After my talk, I went to Adam’s talk about PITA. I’m really interested in PITA, as I think it will make testing my modules a lot easier. (I know it’s not targeted at people like me, but I’ll accept the rewards anyway.) My major complain about the talk: too much poop. (You had to be there.)

yapc day one: my talk went well

June 26, 2006  🐪

I gave my Sub::Exporter talk, this morning. (I’ll put up my slides soon, once I find a nice way to publish them.) I think it went well. I went over time, but toward the end I just annoucned that I was not going to stop. Some people left and some stuck around. I’m not sure how well it was received in general, but I didn’t feel like I made any huge mistakes, and I got to say everything I wanted to.