big hand on the six

Bryan starts today, so I planned to get in early so I’d be around and helpful the whole day. Normally, I catch the ten o’clock bus, which gets me to work about noon. Getting in early requires catching the six thirty bus, which gets me there between eight and eight thirty.

I got up at five thirty, put my things together, took a shower, and realized I had a half hour left before I needed to leave home. I puttered around for a while, relaxed, and left just after six thirty. Once about halfway across the Fahy bridge, I checked the time and saw it was 6:48. That’s when I realized that my brain was clearly muddled earlier when I decided that six was too early to leave home. (To make matters worse, around six o’clock I kissed Gloria goodbye and she said, “Are you sure you don’t need a ride?” Of course not!)

So, I walked past the bus stop in the hopes that the bus was really late, but there was no one waiting. I headed to the south side’s branch of the library, but they don’t open until ten, so I walked up to one of Lehigh U’s libraries. It will open at eight.

I thought I’d watch some of my backlog of Rome in the meantime, but now it seems that I must have offloaded my remaining episodes to DVD, because they’re not on knight. I guess I’ll do some reading, or maybe some coding.

Written on July 17, 2006