sergei prokofiev, esq.

I dreamt that Dominus, someone else (though I can’t recall who), and I were walking around Philadelphia. The third person had once lived there and Dominus was taking her around to see what had changed. At some point, we went to a large hotel-like building with two E’s on its gates. I poked around and determined that it was now a dormitory for a very hoity-toity university. I had gone on ahead, and when the other two caught up with me, they were sad to see that this building had been so repurposed. They suggested we sneak in, and despite my protests we did so. As we poked around its library, a few students showed up, and we seemed sure to be thrown out or arrested or something.

Instead, one of them said, “Hey! You migrants! Come over here and help us.” They had mistaken us for foreign laborers, for no clear reason. We sat around and listened to their rehersal for moot court; I have no idea why they wanted us to do this. Now and then, we would ask questions in silly accents, and this really irritated them.

One exchange went like this:

rjbs: Wait, so clearly the solicitor on the right is Darrow.  Who is the
      other man?
jerk: Well, only the most important person in the trial!
rjbs: Ah, I see, clearly.  Does he have a name, or does the magnitude of
      his fame render such a thing unneeded?
jerk: (with exasperated sigh) He is Sergei?
rjbs: Sergei?
mjd : The great Sergei Sergeyevich Prokofiev!
rjbs: Really?  A lawyer, too?

At this, the students were all disgusted at our ignorance and we were nearly unable to suppress laughter. In retrospect, it wasn’t very funny.

Later on, in another dream, I was going to a local movie theater that only existed in my dream. They were an art house. I think the first movie I went to see was in Czech, with German subtitles. I may have been there with Walt. I was disappointed to learn that the film had also been dubbed. I enjoyed the experience, though, and began to go back regularly, becoming part of the theater association and, if I recall correctly, taking part in some of their stage productions. Later, I got the honor of selecting and presenting one of their feature films. I chose a little known movie called, “My Plumber, Mario.”

Written on July 27, 2006
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