ram prices: still totally insane

May 20, 2006  🍏 ⚙️

From what I can tell, the MacBook does dual channel RAM. It comes with two 256 meg sticks. I wanted more RAM, and I started shopping for it with the assumption, “Apple overcharges for RAM.” This has been true since the dawn of time, from what I know, so it seemed safe.

my next laptop: ordered

May 16, 2006  🍏 ⚙️

Previously, I had wondered whether I could cope if the new iBook replacement phased out the twelve-inch PowerBook. I made a list of my requirements:

so much delicious food, so little time

May 14, 2006  🥘

I really loafed today – that is, after a really annoying bit of network trouble with a colo this morning. Once that was done with, I just played a lot of Sly 3 and poked at some code. When Gloria got back, we went downtown for ice cream, and Barbara had my favorite flavor, peppermint stick. It was awesome. We walked around downtown for a little while and looked at the arts and crafts market that was set up on Main Street, then headed home. At home, we watched a lot of Food Network; they were running a number of back-to-back shows about pies. A number of the pies looked extremely delicious.

nary encoding for fun and profit

May 12, 2006  🐪 🧑🏽‍💻

I got an email from Tom about a problem he was having with Number::Tolerant. That reminded me to have a look at releasing the trivial changes I had sitting in my repository. While doing that, tab completion reminded me of Number::Nary, so I went and had a look at it. In 0.05, I’d removed a secret feature that I’d written into 0.04. It was very badly done in 0.04, as I recall, but I re-added it correctly, and that makes me happy.

new, exciting forms of killing

May 6, 2006

I’m watching a documentary about the creation of new weapons systems. It’s always interesting to see the technology, but I’m always made somewhat uncomfortable by the fact that the machinery is designed to take human life. Many of the military personnel they talk to use euphemisms which, I imagine, are drilled into them to depersonalize battlefield killing. (I’m really just guessing at that.) They say, for example, that they will “deactivate an enemy installation” (by raining shrapnel into a foxhole).

the last temptation of christ

May 4, 2006  🍿

So, I’m watching “Movies That Shook the World,” and they’re talking about The Last Temptation of Christ. I just don’t understand why people got so riled up about that movie. It was a good movie. I doesn’t say that Jesus wasn’t the Messiah – although I don’t see why a movie can’t be free to make that claim. It actually shows that Jesus was the Messiah, wholly man and wholly God. It shows Jesus living a real, full life. He gets married, he has children, and all that stuff… but it’s fiction! I don’t just mean that it’s a movie, but that in the context of the movie, Jesus’s life beyond the Calvary is just a fiction, presented by Satan as a temptation. Is it that they see Jesus doing things that they don’t think he did (getting married, having sex)? The movie then asserts that these things didn’t happen. Are the images themselves offensive for some reason? It can’t just be that we’re seeing Jesus tempted and conflicted. We see that already in canon. Most people who protested did not, presumably, see the movie. Someone told them about the movie and told them that it was bad. What was the stake of the people giving those instructions?

itunes must die

April 25, 2006

At first, I wrote this introduction to this entry:

subethaedit gets zotted

April 25, 2006  💾

I’ve been using a SubEthaEdit from CodingMonkeys since it was Hydra. I basically can’t deal with it as a full-time editor, but for things like brainstorming and some forms of pairing, it’s totally fantastic. I can /msg my coworkers about some upcoming software, and once it’s clear that we’d rather be writing tests than talking about design, I can fire up SEE and paste around a URL. Everybody drops into the file, and we write tests and comments and maybe even documentation until we’re all tired of it, and we end up with a document that we can all work against to Get Things Done.

refactoring sub::install

April 21, 2006  🐪 🧑🏽‍💻

I’ve been doing some reworking in the guts of Sub::Install, trying to steal good ideas from Sub::Define and to implement some of the ideas that came out of discussions with its author, Johan Lodin. Several of these deal with warning handling, which has led me to produce this little routine. I’m finding that I really like it:

my second ipod

April 19, 2006

So, apparently there was some kind of controvery with the earlier iPods’ battery life. Apple advertised eight hours and they only lasted six, or something like that. Maybe the battery replacement plan fitted in. All I really know is that I got a class action form, filled it out, and then got a gift coupon. It was for $50 on Apple branded hardware from an Apple outlet.