today was my birthday

I always enjoy my birthday. Even when I haven’t yet done anything birthday-y, I want to go up to people and shout, “Hey! It’s my birthday!” I usually don’t.

Today started of grumbly, though. Yesterday, Gloria gave me Civ4, which I was really, really looking forward to. Once I installed it, it failed. The message, actually, was “failed to init Python,” or something like that. First, I thought the problem was that I compiled my own Python and Civ4 wasn’t paranoid enough to bundle its own. Then I found out that I hadn’t compiled my own.

Some googling eventually turned up this horrible fact: Civ4 for Mac won’t work if you have a case-sensitive HFS file system.

Here’s the thread.

This is, frankly, infuriating. I feel like this is only a problem because of poor coding standards – but I know that it’s probably just that these standards only make sense given fairly eccentric OS X installations. Still, argh.

So, I’ll probably end up having to try to get Amazon to accept the game for a refund. Maybe I’ll get some new DS games!

Also, last night I had some weird dreams. For some reason, I had a lot of roofing nails in my mouth. I can still imagine what it felt like, and I don’t like it.

Anyway, I got to work and closed a few bugs, some of which were stupid little irritations to me for quite a while. Getting those closed was really pleasant, especially because having them closed will make testing thing in the future a lot easier.

Unfortunately, then I hit a bug that will all but require outside help, and another bug that is just really weird. Hopefully at least one of those can get closed tomorrow.

This evening, we went out to dinner – Gloria’s treat! We went to one of my favoirte local restaurants, the Olive Branch. (Please do not confuse this with the bland Italian chain, the Olive Garden.) I had delicious meat and cheese pies, delicious kabobs, delicious pilaf, delicious fatuch, and a delicious cake made with delicious mousse and delicious jam. It was all delicious.

We swung by the state store and I got a bottle of vermouth, and we swung by Vegan Treats where I got a sample for Rolsky. Hopefully it will last the bus ride to work without melting.

…but back to the subject of sweet vermouth for a second. A fifth of vermouth is about six dollars. It’s fifteen percent ABV, and it’s delicious. Why do so few people seem to buy, drink, and enjoy vermouth? I don’t understand it, but I try to spread the word. My preferred label is Tribuno; I suggest you pick up a fifth and enjoy it, about two fingers (in an old fashioned glass), over ice.

Between dinner and now, we watched one of our Netflix movies: American Psycho 2. It was hilarious in how completely the sequel missed the point of the original. Of course, the very idea of a sequel was ridiculous, so I knew what I was getting in to. I gave it two stars.

Now it’s about time to hit the sack. I closed a bunch of PEP bugs, I sent of a preliminary planning message, and I watched my Civ 4 thread hoping for promises of forthcoming improvements. I think I’ll just get to bed and do my best to catch the early bus tomorrow.

Written on July 21, 2006
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