greetings from florida

October 27, 2006  ✈️

Today was my first full day in Pensacola, visiting Gloria’s parents. There was a lot of sitting in the car and walking around an outlet mall. I got approximately nothing done, which put me in a grumpy mood for most of the day.

enough time manipulation for now

October 24, 2006  🐫 ⚔️

I might go ahead and write a few tests, just to ensure that everything that I think works, works, now and forever. Apart from that, I think I’ve spent enough of the last few days writing obsessively silly code to support my RPG.

datetime dorkiness

October 23, 2006  🐫 🧑🏽‍💻 ⚔️

I have long avoided DateTime. It’s not that I had any specific reason to dislike the module’s interface or offerings, except that it could not be easily installed via PPM on ActivePerl. When I was developing code that I deployed onto Windows via PPM, this was a major problem, and so I stuck to other Date:: and Time:: modules.

death to wallpaper

October 23, 2006

This weekend, my brother was in town and offered to help me with some house work. I took almost all of his aid in the form of wallpaper removal. I got some scrapers, a paper tiger, a few spray bottles, and two gallons of vinegar. As things stand now, the third floor is mostly depapered, except for some hard-to-reach areas high above the stairwell. I would say that on average, Steve was about ten times as productive as I was.

merging both ways in subversion

October 19, 2006

We have had no end of trouble managing branches, lately, and for no clear reason. This is how we generally introduce a big change:

astronomical perl (just a tiny bit of it)

October 13, 2006  🐫 🧑🏽‍💻 ⚔️

The new house is three stories, and gets lots of natural light. Sadly, none of its third story windows is well-placed for stargazing. If one was, I’d have more time to look through my telescope and more inspiration to write silly astronomy code. Maybe when we overhaul the third floor, we’ll put in a window on the slant of the roof. Probably not.

dispatches from on the road

October 10, 2006

Today, I got an instant message from Gloria saying, “Guess where I am!” She was at home, but also on the Internet. It’s pretty amazing what technology can do these days.

tomorrow: the internet

October 9, 2006

My Covad install date for DSL is tomorrow. I believe that at that point, I will really have a connection that I can use. It won’t be conveniently placed in my home, but I can deal with that myself.

today i moved a lot of stuff

September 24, 2006

Today was moving day! Gloria picked up a truck around 7:00, and once we figured out how to park it (because people had not entirely vacated our ‘no parking’ zone) and had some breakfast, the move was on! We moved the guinea pigs first, so they’d be out of our way. They’re in a currently unoccupied room, so we got to close them in and let them relax. I have no idea if it worked… guinea pigs can be so hard to read!