I am really tired. Last night during my triweekly RPG in Philly, we had some work problems. After the game, I stayed up working on some things that I thought would help prevent similar problems in the future, or that would at least reduce their impact. I crashed on the office sofa, which I’ve done once before. Last time it was dreadful. This time, it was just fine. I think it helped that I had a blanket.

I’d like to do a little work on some PEP code that I’ve got percolating, but I think that instead I’ll wait until the bus hits the highway and then I’ll sleep. When I get home, I’ll be able to open the two packages that came for me: a new bathrobe (my old one finally fell apart after six or seven years of loyal service) and some shaving soap. I think I’ll take a shower, have a nice shave, put my robe on, and put my feet up. I may also sing to the (still unborn) baby, as Gloria said she thinks it likes when she sings to it. (That or it really doesn’t, but it was at least sparked into activity.) Chances are that when I sing, it will not like it so much.

This weekend we held a baby shower, and it was fun. I’m not one for having large groups of people over, but it was pretty relaxed and everybody seems to have had a good time. I look forward to having more visitors come by in the future.

In preparation for the shower, I wanted to finish a bit of painting for the nursery. We’ve already painted the nursery a beautiful bright green (called “lemon grass”), but I wanted to paint the register for the heating duct. It already had quite a few layers of paint on it, so I thought I’d try to strip it off. While Citristrip loosened all the paint very well, I’ve had a hell of a time getting the paint off of the grillwork. I think I’m going to need to get a very thin cloth and some mineral spirits to polish the hard to reach bits. Still, pretty soon it should be painted and back on the wall.

A bigger concern, right now, is our need for a clothes dryer. We’re pretty sure we want a gas dryer, but we need to figure out where to put it. The first obvious choice would be the basement, but we’ll to get an exhaust port put into the side of the house, we’ll probably need to pour a more level surface in the basement, we’ll need a new gas line (I think), and we’ll need a new electrical outlet installed.

We might put it upstairs in the kitchen, moving the fridge to the dining room, in preparation for moving the whole kitchen, as we’ve discussed doing. That has its own problems, but they might not be a big deal, in the end.

Written on February 21, 2007