my hand vs. my furnace

A few days ago, Gloria picked up a neat little deodorizer that could be attached to the air filter in the furnace. It made the whole house smell like artificial pine trees, which was mostly better than the previous “basement” smell that kicked in when the heater ran. After a while, though, it got overwhelming and we decided to get rid of it.

Unfortunately, the crappy air filter that was in our furnace wouldn’t come out of the return vent, and I had to tear it. The next day, Gloria went over to Lowe’s and got a ridiculously superior filter. When I tried to take out the now-damaged old filter, I found that it had gotten torn up even more, and I had to grab it by the filter and pull it out. For my trouble, I got a few fiberglass filters in my hand. They’re pretty great, because I can’t see it or feel the edge of it. I only know it’s there because occasionally I get a sharp pain in my hand. I’m hoping that hot water will help and, failing that, that a quick and effective infection forces out the fiberglass particles.

Written on January 27, 2007
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