manly things

Yesterday was a pretty good day for doing good old fashioned manly things.

Gloria bought me a nice badger-hair shaving brush for St. Valentine’s day, and I got myself a new super-old-school double-edged safety razor. I shaved with it for the first time, yesterday, and it was a pretty good shave. I think that once I get a little more proficient with it, it will only take a little longer than shaving with canned gel and a cartridge razor, but it’s a nice relaxing experience and is supposedly less likely to cause ingrown hairs.

Even this morning, I feel pretty smooth. The only problem area is my chin. It makes me see one reason that my father didn’t like using a safety razor: that man has a serious dimple.

Later, I went out with Bad Andy and his friend Tom. We went to International Cigars, the sweet little cigar place downtown. Apparently, they have a “free cigars and beer” night every Thursday. Who knew! We sampled their free beer (the first micro-brew in a can; it was okay), took our free cigars, and headed up to Machs Gute. One of Andy’s friends was there, and I finally ran into Lou, one of my old coworkers from IQE and one of the owners. We had some burgers and beer and a good time.

It made me think, again, about good old Bertie Wooster and the Drones Club. What ever happened to the gentlemen’s club? Did they die out because of the great depression? I guess they were probably quite expensive to join (and operate).

Written on March 2, 2007
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