perl email project non-synergy

May 25, 2007  ðŸ“§ ðŸª ðŸ§‘🏽‍💻

The last bug of the day was, “Why is this process getting so big?” See, it was getting an HTTP upload, creating an Email::Simple::FromHandle, then delivering it. It should all have been streaming around, nothing in memory.

typical hardware!

May 22, 2007  ðŸ âš™ï¸

Even hardware has heisenbugs!

dvi out dead?

May 20, 2007  ðŸ âš™ï¸

The svideo out on my MacBook has never, as far as I know, worked. I didn’t bother getting it repaired because I never needed to use it. Now a larger problem has cropped up: I no longer seem able to connect my flat panel to my MacBook. I can use my work flat panel, presumably because I’m using an analog connection. At home, using a DVI connection, it fails. Another laptop works on my flat panel, but I can only test it with analog. I need to get someone with a DVI out on his laptop to come swing by.

cheshirecat finally rebuilt

May 15, 2007

I’ve long been meaning to install a new operating system and services on my home server, cheshirecat. Mostly it only exists to host my big old RAID that stores ~rjbs, my MP3’s, and a few other personal things. It used to host my website, the primary MX for, and some other important things, so replacing it was going to be a pain. Still, it was running Slackware 7, dating from 1999, and it had only been patchily upgraded here and there.

all hail kip

May 13, 2007

I’ve been wanted to get rid of the stupid concrete walkway in my back yard ever since (or before) we moved in. Last week I found a local place that does concrete recycling. I mentioned this to Kip and asked if, at some unspecified time in the future, he’d give me a hand getting rid of the walkway.

application config that makes me happy

May 11, 2007  ðŸª ðŸ§‘🏽‍💻

So, I’ve done a bit more hacking on addex, some of which was to make it usable by a larger group of people. More on that in another entry, though.

is freebsd on drugs?

May 1, 2007  ðŸª ðŸ§‘🏽‍💻 ðŸ¤¤

Gabor recenly posted some reports about what version of what CPAN dists were in what OS distributions.

toward a free crossword puzzler

April 30, 2007

Recently, Daniel Jalkut was doing that thing that has, sadly, become pretty popular in modern blogging: announcing his hot new product before telling us what it’s for. (Did this start with Segway? I’m sure there are some prior examples that I can’t think of.) Anyway, it turned out to be Black Ink, a really nice looking Cocoa-based crossword puzzle program. It started out pretty buggy, but has gotten a little better. It costs $25, which probably isn’t too unreasonable, but I can’t see myself spending that much on a game that I’ll only play now and then.

my speakeasy mug story

April 25, 2007

A few years ago, I received a plain brown box in the mail. It came from my ISP, Speakeasy, and contained a nice Speakeasy-branded mug. There was nothing else in the box, and no explanation as to why I’d been sent the mug. I logged into their IRC servers and asked about it. I found my logs of this conversation today while looking for something else: