todo for 2006 in review

waste less time

You know, I was doing pretty well with this for the first half of the year, or so. At some point, I got lazy again, and started losing a lot more time to staring into space. I’ve come up with a number of schemes for combatting counterproductiveness, but I’m not sure that any of them are going to prove particularly effective.

I’m hoping that once the baby is born, I can use whatever little free time I’ll have to relax productively (by writing a little code or prose) rather than staring into space. We’ll see, though.

read more

I think I did pretty badly on this. I stopped keeping track of how much reading I did, and I really feel like I read twenty books or less in 2006. I have no doubt that I will have trouble doing a lot of reading in 2007, but I hope I can at least keep a solid pace, constantly working through at least one book at a time.

learn more (computer) languages

I’m not sure if I did much of this. I’ve picked up a bit more Haskell and my Ruby is better, but I didn’t get around to doing as much Prolog or Lisp as I wanted, and I didn’t really learn anything new at all.

For yet another year in a row, I’ll try to work on this, but I’m not sure it’s going to happen.

use more (human) languages more often

Yeah… total, utter failure here. When family visited from Spain we just didn’t communicate. I didn’t really try to speak Spanish to them, I just smiled and nodded and spoke through my father.

learn to drive a car

I really, really need to get on the ball about this. I want to have my license before the baby comes, and that will require quick work.

buy a house

Finally! This one got done. We bought our house in September and so far neither the bank nor the government has tried to take it away.

I’ll probably try to put together another todo list for 2007. It will probably be much more modest than previous years’.

Written on January 2, 2007
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