Horror Movie Month 2008

November 4, 2008  🎃 🍿

As is our tradition, Gloria and I watched a bunch of horror movies this October. Here’s a quick recap:

hogar crea flan

November 2, 2008  🥘

There is a fairly well-respected charity that’s fairly active in Bethlehem. It’s called Hogar Crea. I’m sure they do lots of good stuff and help people. That’s the impression I’ve gotten from various people. That’s not what matters to me.

what the heck is distzilla?

October 27, 2008  🦖 🐫 🧑🏽‍💻

At the Pittsburgh Perl Workshop this year, I gave a lightning talk about Dist::Zilla, the system I am increasingly using to manage my CPAN distributions. I’m using it instead of writing a Makefile.PL, but it doesn’t do the same thing as Module::Build or ExtUtils::MakeMaker. I’m using it instead of running module-starter, but it doesn’t do the same things as Module::Starter. I’ve had some people say, “So should I stop using X and use Dist::Zilla instead?” The answer is complicated.

overheard in #email

October 20, 2008  📧 🧑🏽‍💻

Programming email can leave you a bit … touched. Here are some recent gems from #email on irc.perl.org

coping with solaris cron

October 18, 2008  🐫 🧑🏽‍💻

More and more, we’re eliminating Linux boxes in favor of Solaris. This is generally not a huge deal, but one of the niggling details has been Sun’s cron. It sucks. It sucks because it uses a constant as the subject of its alert messages. If you have a lot of servers running a lot of cron jobs, generating a lot of output, you end up with a display that looks like this:

american express sends me mixed messages

October 18, 2008

In general, I am a very, very happy cardholder. Just recently, when my EVDO modem died, American Express paid for me to replace it with nearly no questions asked. That saved me about $250, since the modem had just gone out of warranty. That pays for over half my annual membership. They also paid for some MacBook repairs earlier this year, which was a real plus.

annoying things learned about perl today

October 17, 2008  🐫 🧑🏽‍💻

App::Cmd::Tester lets you test that an App::Cmd program output the right things to standard error and standard out, and did so in the right order. It does stuff Test::Output can do, but also just a bit more.

another unproductive complaint about subversion

October 15, 2008  🔀 🤤

I remember in 2005 or so when I first started using Subversion, I liked it so much. It was much easier to use than CVS. Everyone said it would be make tagging and branching easier than CVS. In CVS, tagging was fine, but branching was such a pain that I never bothered.