pod::weaver on hold, podpurler carries its load

As I recently explained in an email to the Dist::Zilla list, Pod::Weaver is on hold while I’m too busy with other priorities. This has been a holdup for Dist::Zilla, as its Pod::Weaver integration is my big need.

Since I can’t magically make time, right now, to work on Pod::Weaver, I’ve gone back to the original PodWeaver plugin that predates a well-designed Pod::Weaver module and released it as a standalone Dist::Zilla plugin. The PodPurler plugin is on GitHub now and waiting to be indexed on the CPAN. It will behave just like PodWeaver did, originally. If you avoid looking directly at the source, it’s quite nice and you can get back to releasing code without writing any boring boilerplate.

I think this will help me get a bunch more dists out the door next week.

Written on January 29, 2009
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