getsatisfaction makes me angry

I think that Get Satisfaction may be my absolute least favorite place on the internet. I have never visited it without ending up really angry.

Last time I was there, it was to report a bug in Darkslide. I typed in my bug, all the details, and so on, and then it popped up a new panel: “just sign in to file this bug!” This should not have been a big deal, because it would submit my login with my bug (I’d think) and then file it immediately. I didn’t remember my password or have it on file, so I typed in my OpenID. “Warning! You’re about to navigate away from a page with data in it!” What? Well, logging in with OpenID doesn’t seem to work that way. I gave up on the bug report, deleted Darkslide, and bought a competing product.

Today, I’ve been trying to report a bug in Fluid. I was smarter: I tried to log in with my OpenID before filing the bug. After getting my OpenID confirmed, it said, “Great, now set up your account.” Oh… so OpenID isn’t enough, I need to connect it to a standard account… great. Well, I entered my email address and it complained that this address was in use. I filed for password recover, saved my password for future reference, and logged in.

I started to fill in the bug report form, and it said “this bug has a medium chance of being responded to.” When I clicked the frowny face and said the bug made me feel “confused,” it went up to high. Seriously? What?

Fine. I don’t care. I clicked “submit.”

Whoops! There’s been a server error, and it looks like something broke. Our apologies.

I give up, I should’ve stuck to my guns: if you use Get Satisfaction, I probably do not want to use your product.

Written on January 8, 2009
🏷 hate
🤤 stupid