if only all these "you recevied..." weren't lies

December 23, 2008

I’m getting much more spam past my bounce rules and into my “hold for review” rules. Almost all of them are in the form “thanks! here is an X” or “congratulations! you won a Y!”

travel hell

December 22, 2008

The plan, yesterday, was (all times shown in Eastern):

vmware mime fail

December 17, 2008  📧

VMware keeps sending me newsletters. Too bad they’re horribly broken MIME. It’s just more proof that all email software sucks and email hates the living.

liquidplanner versus hiveminder: round one

December 17, 2008  🌀 💾

I’ve written a few times about how much I like Hiveminder, Best Practical’s to do list manager. (As an aside, I really need to decide on whether I write “to do” or “todo” or “to-do.” I keep switching between them in single documents. It’s silly.) I’ve also mentioned LiquidPlanner a few times. I like it quite a lot, also. Unfortunately, neither one is perfect and, worse, they do such similar things that using both can be a real drag. I keep wishing I could drop one. My mom likes to call my dad the “Gadget Man” because he’s always buying new gadgets. I try to make it clear that I am not Gadget Man II: I try to have as few gadgets as possible to get the job done. This goes for software tools, too.

more xbox gaming

December 13, 2008  🎲 👾

I’ve been playing GTA IV. It’s got a lot of good things, but for the most part I’d say it’s a big step backwards from GTA: San Andreas. It’s clearly benefitting from being on newer hardware, but there’s less game. I seem to have fewer missions available, and nearly no random pickup tasks. In San Andreas, I could steal a cop car and do “Vigilante” missions. I could steal a fire truck and fight fires. I could steal an ambulance and pick up the wounded. I could do cab rides. There are probably other random missions that I can’t think of, too. In GTA IV, vigilante missions are much more of a pain in the butt, and are unlocked quite a ways into the game.

dice frequencies in dnd4 (not scientific)

December 11, 2008  ⚔️

I thought I’d look into how often I’d need various kinds of dice in D&D 4th Edition. I did this entirely unscientifically by grepping the PHB.

chessex pound-o-dice

December 10, 2008  🎲 ⚔️

We need new dice for our D&D game. I ordered a Chessex Pound-o-Dice from an Amazon vendor, Rookie’s HQ Games and Cards. Here’s what we got:

at long last, email sender is released

December 10, 2008  📧 🐫 🧑🏽‍💻

When I started at Pobox, we had a few different ways we sent or delivered mail. Chief among them were IO::Persistent::SMTP, smtpsend, ICG::TestTools::Mail, and Email::LocalDelivery. These all had their own purposes, which was fine, but they also had their own APIs, which was not.

the rpg is dead; long live the rpg

December 10, 2008  🎲 ⚔️

I don’t mean “the RPG” in general is dead. I mean that the game I’ve been running, the ABE RPG, has come to an end. We first met on October 15, 2005, meaning that the game ran for over three years. Wow!

sixapart cheers and jeers

December 10, 2008

A few months ago I took a look at where to publish this journal. For a long time (years?) I’ve been posting simultaneously to rjbs.manxome.org and use.perl.org. I control rjbs.manxome.org and it does more of what I want, but it didn’t support comments. use.perl.org supported comments and had more readers, but little things about it kept bugging me.