rcn.com's selfcare center needs help

Some time ago I wrote an entry about RCN’s dumb password questions. Today, I got to deal with this crap again. I tried to reset my password and saw:

Q: What is the account holder\'s favorite food?

(Yes, that backslash was in their text.)

I filled it out with the answer I had on file – because I knew I’d never keep one answer for that for long – and it sent me back to the login screen with no error message. I went to the next question, and it did the same. Also amusing? The answers were case-sensitive, even though they’d been given over the phone. Also, they’d been entered incorrectly.

I found this out by phoning in. I was assigned a number of random passwords that didn’t work until I said, “just make it foobar123” and logged in.

Then I spent an hour trying to change it. In Firefox and Safari, it just failed. See, the submit button on the form is JavaScript. No JS, no updates. If there’s a pre-submit validation error, the error is displayed… as long as you’re using MSIE. I had to change my validation questions (for no clear reason, possibly corrupt data at their end). Then I couldn’t pick a new password, it kept saying it was invalid.

Well, let’s review. Their site says:

Please enter a 6 - 10 character password including at least one number and one letter. Use of a special character is recommended but not required. The following are valid special characters: !@;#$^&*.

The validation code, on the other hand, says:

var r_password_re = /^[a-zA-Z0-9\!\@\#\$\%\^\&\*]{6,10}$/;
var r_password_ok = r_password_re.exec(cpniPassword1.value);

var r_password2_re = /(\d){1}/;
var r_password2_ok = r_password2_re.exec(cpniPassword1.value);

var r_password3_re = /[a-zA-Z]{1}/i;
var r_password3_ok = r_password3_re.exec(cpniPassword1.value);

var r_password_confirm_re = /[a-zA-Z0-9\!\@\#\$\%\^\&\*]{6,10}/;
var r_password_confirm_ok = r_password_confirm_re.exec(cpniPassword2.value);


BONUS FAIL: After I saved this, I saw I had new mail. RCN helpfully sent me my new password in plaintext email.

Written on January 30, 2009
🏷 javascript
🤤 stupid