talks submitted for yapc::na::2009

I really wanted to do some new talks this year, but no really spectacular new ideas seemed like good ones to promise. I think “Email Still Hates the Living!” will have to wait for next year. Instead, I submitted a new talk on Rx, a talk on various new email libraries released in the last year, and my long-threatened intro to git, “Git is Easy!”

Dieter submitted a talk about Dist::Zilla, and I’ll be tickled if it gets accepted – I can go to it and ask hard questions. Better, I can see what questions other people have to ask.

I also pondered things like “I’ll talk for 2.5 minutes about any 20 of my modules picked by the audience” or “really random useful crap I wrote,” but I just didn’t feel that I could be assured of quality without more proof of concept work on my part.

This has been a really crazy busy week, so it wasn’t the best week for thinking of new talk proposals.

The first part of my huge giant application of Email::MIME::Kit is now behind me, so I’m hoping that next week I can really get to work on… well, the next parts of it. Still, it’ll be nice to have that change of scenery.

Written on April 25, 2009
🐪 perl
🏷 yapc