Dist::Zilla online tutorial, first pass

April 26, 2010

I think I’ve finished all the pages I meant to write for the Dist::Zilla Choose Your Own Tutorial. It covers a bunch of Dist::Zilla topics like creating a new dist, converting an existing one, and adding new behavior to your configuration. The “choose your own” format should make it easy to add new content, like a wiki, but I like the almost-linear feel of the format.

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Dist::Zilla, META.json, and making new dists

April 13, 2010

This weekend, David Golden and I holed up in the Pobox offices and worked on the final draft for v2 of the CPAN Meta specification. It’s the document that describes what goes in META.yml – or, now, META.json. This was not very exciting to many people, but we were both really excited to get it done, and hopefully the final v2 spec and support libraries will be out in a few days.

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racing toward Dist::Zilla 2.0

March 24, 2010

I thought I’d have to wait another week or two to feel good about the next major (slightly backwards incompatible) release of Dist::Zilla. It looks like I should be able to release it this week.

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Dist::Zilla status report: awesome

March 23, 2010

I’m feeling pretty good about progress so far, especially after today taking an axe to the InstallDirs plugin, which was a bug ugly mess. Here’s the big board:

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Dist::Zilla testing continues

March 18, 2010

“Hey, look, I wrote some more unit tests!” is about as fun to report as it is to do, but so far, so good. The Dist::Zilla::Tester system I put together has been working pretty well, and I’ve made a few tweaks as I go. I’d originally meant to write one test per plugin, but for some of them it’s just much, much simpler to combine them to have two or three plugins per test file. If this leads to problems, I can split it up again later. For now, it’s looking good.

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