my OSCON plans

I thought I’d post my travel plans, in case anybody else is by some strange coincidence on my flights and wants to chat or hack in flight, or ride the MAX together, or whatever.

I’m flying out on Sunday, July 24:

AA 4077 Depart ABE  7:05, Arrive ORD  8:10
AA  309 Depart ORD 10:35, Arrive PHX 12:10
US   90 Depart PHX 13:35, Arrive PDX 16:23

I’ll be staying at the Jupiter Hotel.

I fly back Saturday, Jul 30 – barely. I actually depart just after midnight. That is, the midnight that ends Friday.

DL  892 Depart PDX  0:30, Arrive MSP  5:41
DL 2240 Depart MSP  6:35, Arrive DTW  9:21
DL 5166 Depart DTW 10:11, Arrive ABE 11:39

For those days in between, I’ll be hanging around OSCON or my hotel or Portland in general, talking about code, teaching things, and hopefully learning a lot, too. If a beer debt exists in either direction between you and me, let’s settle it there.

Written on July 6, 2011
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