flying from brooklyn to manhattan

I had a strange dream. I worked in Manhattan, and every morning caught a but around 10:30 to get into the city and work. I worked in mid-town. One day, there was some reason that this wouldn’t work out, so Gloria arranged for me to have a hotel room somewhere just south of the city. It wasn’t Brooklyn, but some tiny suburb I hadn’t ever heard of. I can’t remember the name now, but it definitely had one, and I think it started with a “W.” In the morning, I’d catch a plane to Manhattan and get to work with plenty of time to spare.

In practice, this plan failed utterly. I woke up late and wasted too much time getting ready. I was trying to pack all my things together in the morning, and really should hvae done so the night before. Among my gear was an iMac G5, which I was going to tote around in a backpack. Then, when I was rushing to get out of the hotel, the elevator stopped or went the wrong way, due to a police override. Later, when I had clearly missed my flight, I went up to the 34th (or 36th?) floor to ask the police at the substation there what had happened. I don’t remember if I got an answer.

Tony Bourdain was somehow involved in this dream. I was waiting with him for a plane, somewhere. The weather was horrible, and we could see the wings on planes overhead wobbling omenously. I don’t know where I’d intended to fly into, or why it would be faster than a bus. I think there was a tiny airport up near the Bronx, and I would get a cab to mid-town. Even in my dream, this sounded ridiculous when I stopped to think about it.

This may have all been related to the fact that I’m heading in early today. It’s about quarter past seven and I’m on the Bieber Bus to Philly. It was in the high thirties on the way to the bus, which is about as cold as I’m willing to go without long pants. Tomorrow, I may don trousers and a jacket for the first time since April or May. I didn’t really have any problems getting to the bus on time, although I did leave a bit later than I would have liked to, but it worked out for the best, since I also wouldn’t have wanted to stand around much longer.

Written on October 24, 2005
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