misc. news of the day

September 28, 2007  📱

I have lost my cell phone. I think John C. thinks this was an excuse to have to get a new one. In fact, it just sucks. I’ll either have to pay full price or extend my contract, and I have no idea what phone will be tolerable.

speakeasy: such a mixed bag

September 26, 2007

The guys from RCN came, today, and switched our television service over to RCN. They also set up cable modem service, which will replace my longstanding Speakeasy service. Speakeasy is great, service wise, but their prices haven’t changed in ages, leaving me paying $70 per month for 1.5/384 DSL.

evdo intermission

September 24, 2007  📱

My EVDO modem, the Sierra AirCard 595U, was a piece of junk. It kernel panicked, for Pete’s sake! I called Sprint, today, to arrange for its return. I think it’s a sham that they say that it’s compatible with Mac OS, since it seems very problematic on Intel, which is now, I think, all that Apple sells. Worse, it’s the only USB EVDO device they sell.

evdo datacard proving problematic

September 21, 2007  📱

The trip in this morning was miserable for EVDO connection. I could barely stay online for more than a few minutes at a time. I had at least one kernel panic. Eventually, I dialed into T-Mobile’s network over my RAZR, only to be reminded how painfully slow it is. EVDO is totally awesome… when it works.

switching to cable modem

September 20, 2007  🤤

I’ve been a Speakeasy customer for about seven years now, and a Service Electric TV customer for about as long. Come next week, though, I will no longer be either. I am switching to RCN cable TV and cable modem.

evdo speed update

September 19, 2007  📱

Crome mentioned to me that my upload and download speeds seemed lousy, and it occurred to me that maybe the problem was that I’d hit a server that couldn’t give me much more than 70 KB/s sustained upstream. Today, I tried DSL Reports’ speed test, not so much because I think it’s super accurate, but because I knew it would be easy, and would be able to give me a better estimate than scping from a random host.

holy crap, evdo!

September 18, 2007  📱

Sprint PCS was my very first cell phone provider. Shortly after we moved back to Pennsylvania, though, I got rid of them and switched to VoiceStream. With some brief outages (while using awful Nextel phones at IQE), I’ve been with VoiceStream (now T-Mobile) since then.

web designers: please think of the user

September 17, 2007  📱 🤤

Here are my examples of hateful web interface from today. I have been looking at getting an EVDO device to replace using my RAZR as a modem. This led me to poking around on the websites of both Sprint-Nextel and Verizon.

mutt, macs, and nothingmuch++

September 12, 2007  🐶

Every time I blindly click a “Contact Us” link and see Mail.app launching, my teeth itch. It takes too long, it complains about certs, and I don’t want to freaking send any mail with Mail.app anyway! Why can’t I use mutt?

splitting up a "big" git repo, take two

September 11, 2007  🔀

Converting to git has been fun, educational, and annoying, at various times. Here are some notes (mostly to myself) on the fun, educational, and annoying bits that I solved today.