overexposure to stupid password policies makes rjbs something something

January 1, 2008  🔐 🤤

I really like 1Password. It’s a Mac app that does the “save my form information” really, really well, and does it with a Keychain-stored, cross-platform system. Now there’s my1Password, which lets you sync your password database to a web server. The server stores everything Blowfish-encrypted, and the encryption is only ever done client-side, so I can log in to the web site from another computer and my data will not be decrypted until it gets to the client-side JavaScript Blowfish implementation. I feel pretty good about it. Even without the online synchronization, though, I really like 1Password.

reasons to avoid zsh auto-correction

December 29, 2007  🤤
root@backup:/var/backup/mail# tar jcvf 200701.tar.bz2 200701   zsh: correct '200701.tar.bz2' to '200601.tar.bz2' [nyae]? 

nine months in, nine months out

December 18, 2007

Well, Martha has now been out in the atmosphere for a bit longer than half her life. She’s got four teeth out, and I’m pretty sure she’s working on two more. She’s back in a “I’m not really very interested in standing” phase, but I still think she’s going to start walking pretty soon. It’s hard to say whether she means anything specific when she says “dadadadda” or “mamamamama,” but it can still be cute – it’s certainly cuter than when she’s saying, “WAAAAAAUGH!”

all hail perl 5.10!

December 18, 2007  🐫

Today, Rafael Garcia-Suarez and the Perl 5 Porters released perl 5.10. This is totally fantastic. Perl 5.10 contains a whole lot of great new features, from small but helpful changes to error messages to new ways to scope variables and, well, all kinds of other stuff. I gave a talk about 5.10’s new features at PPW, and I look forward to getting to start using some of these features in production code ASAP.

hating on rating

December 4, 2007  📚 🐫

I am getting pretty darned sick of CPAN Ratings. They can be quite useful: I can see what modules people like or don’t like, and I can get an idea of why people like or don’t like my modules.

password security questions

December 1, 2007  🔐 🤤

RCN has been hassling me with automated phone calls to set up a new account password. If I don’t do that, apparently, I will never be allowed to discuss my account with them again. I don’t get it, but I just called in to set up my password.

email::folder woes (part n)

November 27, 2007  📧 🐫 🧑🏽‍💻 🤤

I mumbled something about Email::Folder hating me, today, but I was too busy to explain, and I promised that I’d write down my annoyances later. I’d love to fix these problems soon, but for now it’s easier to just grumble about them, and it will make me feel better.

fun with pipes and the momputer

November 22, 2007

Leopard’s ultra-easy screen sharing has made it a breeze to help my mom with her new Mac. Today I used it for some more fun. I created my first working Yahoo! pipe, a merging of my MJ photos and Gloria’s. Then I connected to my mom’s computer with Leopard’s excellent VNC client and subscribed her Mail.app to my new pipe feed. I ran TextEdit and put a note on her desktop about what I’d done.

aol service assistant, slightly better than nothing

November 20, 2007  🐫 🧑🏽‍💻 💾 🤤

For a long time, my parents have been held hostage by AOL. AOL, for ages, made it nearly impossible to use any tool other than their mega-integrated awful front end to The Internet. Even once they set up IMAP, you were stuck with their Favorites and Address Book. This was a big deal for my dad, who has a gigantic contact list. I’ve been heckling him to use Apple’s Address Book for ages, but he couldn’t get out.