fallout from apple's evil screwdriver wielder

January 30, 2008  🍏 ⚙️ 🤤

About a week ago I upgraded my hard drive, which was much less simple than it might have been, largely because of an incredibly overtightened screw.

git: you're explaining it wrong

January 25, 2008  🔀

I switched from Subversion to Git entirely, shortly after YAPC last year. Now I only use svn for work and other people’s projects, and even that is because I’m just way too lazy to bother witching to git-svn just yet.

reinstalling leopard: not so bad

January 25, 2008

So, I don’t use Apple’s Mail.app very much. Actually, I detest it. Still, you know, I’m an email geek. Every once in a while, I get a bug that says something like, “Apple Mail is doing something totally insane, and only you can help us, Rik!” Well, that’s how I like to read the bug reports, anyway. It makes me feel like more of a superhero, even while doing my secret identity thing behind a terminal.

upgrading my macbook's hard drive fails to be as easy as pie

January 23, 2008  🍏 ⚙️ 🤤

Before the semiannual Big Mac Announcements, I was thinking that I might buy a new laptop. I was half suspecting that we’d see a subnotebook – something like a Duo or even more like the 12” PowerBook. I wanted something narrower than the MacBook, as that would make it a bit easier to use on the bus, if someone sits beside me. Unfortunately, the new MacBook Air isn’t any narrower, but is a good bit more expensive, so I skipped replacing my MacBook. Instead, I spent about .5% its original purchase price on nearly tripling its storage, which is the only limitation that I bump into much.

putting named captures to awesome use

January 17, 2008  🐫 🧑🏽‍💻

Well, I think the use I put them to is awesome, but it’s part of an IRC interface to something, so there’s sort of a maximum cap on awesomeness.

turbotax: dead to me

January 9, 2008  🔐 🤤

I’ve been working on changing the way my mailflow works, mostly so that I can benefit from the work that I do at Pobox. In order to get rid of some of my old email addresses, I’ve been updating a lot of user accounts and list subscriptions. Today, as I’ve started to get tax documents, I thought I’d update my TurboTax account.

launchbar's stupid demo period

January 2, 2008  💾 🤤

hide recently told me that he’d moved from Quicksilver to LaunchBar. I try to do whatever the Canadians do, since I hear they will soon be our new overlords. I figured I’d do what I do with most commercial software: download it and use it during its trial period until it became clear that it was worth the money, or until I was so irritated at it that I had to stop.

overexposure to stupid password policies makes rjbs something something

January 1, 2008  🔐 🤤

I really like 1Password. It’s a Mac app that does the “save my form information” really, really well, and does it with a Keychain-stored, cross-platform system. Now there’s my1Password, which lets you sync your password database to a web server. The server stores everything Blowfish-encrypted, and the encryption is only ever done client-side, so I can log in to the web site from another computer and my data will not be decrypted until it gets to the client-side JavaScript Blowfish implementation. I feel pretty good about it. Even without the online synchronization, though, I really like 1Password.

reasons to avoid zsh auto-correction

December 29, 2007  🤤
root@backup:/var/backup/mail# tar jcvf 200701.tar.bz2 200701   zsh: correct '200701.tar.bz2' to '200601.tar.bz2' [nyae]?