Email::MIME::Kit v3 will fix-and-or-break your code

November 21, 2014  ðŸ« ðŸ§‘🏽‍💻

Ever since its early releases, Email::MIME::Kit had a big problem. It screwed up encodings. Specifically, imagine this manifest (I’m kinda skipping some required junk):

Horror Movie Month 2014

November 11, 2014  ðŸŽƒ ðŸ¿

Last year, I forgot to write up our horror movie watching until about eleven months later. This year, I’m going to write things down while they’re still fresh!

Horror Movie Month 2013

September 10, 2014  ðŸŽƒ ðŸ¿

“Wait!” you cry, “you must mean Horror Movie Month 2014!”

I bought a 3DS (XL).

September 2, 2014  ðŸŽ² ðŸ‘¾

Earlier this year, I started going through my old game collection and selling what I could on Amazon. This was remarkably easy (especially because of Gloria’s endless help; she stood in line at USPS for me and send me snapshots of my tracking numbers; she deserves massive high fives) and surprisingly lucrative. My plan was to put the proceeds toward a next-gen system, but I found that nothing really was compelling enough to get me to buy one this year. It looks like 2015 will be the year for me. Instead, I started to think about getting a 3DS.

Books to strand your kids in

July 29, 2014  âš”️

I made a vague offer to run an RPG for some of the kids in my family’s younger generation, and have yet to follow through. I have no doubt that I could just wing a simple D&D adventure and we’d have fun. I will do that sometime. I should set a date.