the nintendo zapper is just fine

For St. Valentine’s Day, Gloria gave me a Nintendo Zapper, which is basically a two-handed Wii remote holder that acts like a combination light gun and thumbstick. It comes with a little demo game called Link’s Crossbow Training, in which Link shoots targets, kills monsters, and runs gauntlets. Last night, John C. asked me, “But what else would you play with that?”

Well, probably nothing else. If I was going to play House of the Dead, or Umbrella Chronicles, I’d probably want the one-handed Perfect Shot. That’s not the point, though! Crossbow Training is a lot of fun, even if I only play it for a few hours total. It certainly seems like it’s worth $20. Once I finish it with the Zapper, I might try it without the Zapper.

Either way, though, it’s a fun game for $20, and if I ever use the Zapper again, that will just be a bonus.

Written on February 16, 2008
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