the neighbors moved

July 10, 2008

My house is a three home unit. There are three living units side by side, each with a third of the porch, a third of the yard, and the same amount of space, more or less. Our unit is at the south end of the house. For much, much longer than we’ve lived here, the residents of the north end of the house were unchanged.

first impressions of dnd 4; part 4

July 1, 2008  🎲 ⚔️

I skimmed both the DM’s Guide and the Monster Manual today. I’ve been really busy and I don’t think I’m going to give either one a really good read, although I read one or two chapters of the DMG in full.

first impressions of dnd 4; part 2: rules and non-rules

June 29, 2008  🎲 ⚔️

It’s been ages since I played AD&D 1E, so these memories may be a little confused. As I recall, there was no unified skill system. You had such and such percent chance to be able to climb a rope or jump a certain distance, but they were all just table after table of lookup. Every class had its own table for all manner of common things. When I played AD&D, my friends and I had memorized all kinds of tables, or at least the page on which to look. (I seem to recall that an important lookup table is on p. 91 of the 2E PHB.)

where hiveminder fails me

June 26, 2008  🌀 💾

So, several months later, I’m still mostly using Hiveminder, though not as fastidiously as I once was. I still like it, and I have no plans to abandon it for some other next big thing, but there are places where it lets me down and where I wish I could Just Send Patches or something. I mean, who knows if I would, but it’s easy to convince myself that I would be all over fixing it up if I could.

please erect no barriers to entry for bug reports

June 24, 2008  🤤

Yesterday, we found a serious bug in the IMAP library used by RoundCube. To report the bug, we had to click through a pile of links and sign up for an account. When we tried to send a report to the mailing list, it was rejected (500 error) because you may not post in the first few minutes of being a list member.

regarding reputation

June 22, 2008  🐪

Last week, I was at YAPC::NA in Chicago. It was a good YAPC, and I’ll probably write a little more about it later, if I can think of anything worth relating. One thing came up, though, that I really wanted to mention.

iphone 2 for rjbs?

June 12, 2008  ⚙️ 📱

I was sure that when iPhone 2 came out I’d get one. The new price makes it pretty attractive, too. Then again, one of the reasons I was so eager to get one was that I was stuck with that piece of crap Samsung. Now I have my RAZR back, which is a nice phone. Then again, just yesterday my five year old iPod finally gave up the ghost, so I have no portable music player.

we got a new car

June 12, 2008

After mumbling about doing so for ages, I finally bit the bullet and replaced our aging and ailing car. Our old 1997 Geo Prizm has been traded in for a 2006 Scion xB. We drove down to Harleysville to Fuzzy Dice with Steve R., our consultant and official Middle Aged Friend. We did nearly no haggling because the asking price was very close to KBB’s suggested retail and we just wanted to get the darn car and get home.