PTS 2023: Lyon and changing plans (1/5)

May 4, 2023  ðŸ« ðŸ§‘🏽‍💻

It’s been three years since the last Perl Toolchain Summit. In 2019, I wasn’t sure whether I would go. This time, I was sure that I would. It had been too long since I saw everyone, and there were some useful discussions to be had. I think that overall the summit was a success, and I’m happy with the outcomes. We left with a few loose threads, but I’m feeling hopeful that they can, mostly, get tied up.

I'm still not so sure about Mastodon

January 28, 2023

I ignored Mastodon for a long time, but eventually I had to stop. Now that I stopped ignoring it and started using it, I feel like I’m either going to lose interest or (ugh) get involved.

talking to Philips Hue lights, part 1: connecting

January 18, 2023  âš™ï¸ ðŸ§‘🏽‍💻

Last time, I posted about goofing around with little LED lights. This time, I’m posting about goofing around with larger LED lights. Specifically, Philips Hue lights.

my stupid LED blinking server

January 14, 2023  âš™ï¸ ðŸ« ðŸ§‘🏽‍💻

I decided, today, to spend thirty minutes trying to get my little blinking LED working again. Now, six hours later, I am ready to tell you about it.

leaving perl v5.8 behind

January 8, 2023  ðŸ“š ðŸ« ðŸ§‘🏽‍💻

On New Year’s Eve, I posted that I’d uploaded 114 updated distributions to the CPAN. Many of those, in addition to updating distribution metadata, made some changes to the version of perl they require, or say they may require in the future. I mentioned that in my last post. I was adding text something like this:

so many CPAN uploads! (code review mark iii)

December 31, 2022  ðŸ« ðŸ§‘🏽‍💻

Today, I uploaded 114 new versions of things to the CPAN. This is a lot, but none of them was very interesting. Mostly, I was updating my email address or adding some documentation about what Perl I plan to worry about in future releases. In some cases, there were typo or bug fixes. I thought I’d just write a little bit about this, from “why” to “how” to “how but another kind of how”.

befunge made me smile

December 23, 2022  ðŸ§‘🏽‍💻

I like Advent of Code, in theory, but in practice I never get very far. Around ten days on average, it looks like. (In 2015, I made it to 23! I didn’t remember that.) Anyway, it’s just, well, a lot. I don’t make enough time for it, and mostly I think that’s the right decision. On the other hand, I love a little coding challenge, and I love it twenty times more when other people are doing it and we can compare notes.

Horror Movie Month 2022

November 5, 2022  ðŸŽƒ ðŸ¿

Another year, another thirty-one days of horror movies. Actually, we missed quite a few days as far as watching things all together. I worked a fair number of late nights, and I left town for a few days to see family in New England. We started a few days early, in fact, knowing that this would happen. So, plenty of things were watched, and here’s how it went…