blast from my programming past

Despite all my attempts to convince myself that it was a bad idea and not needed (I mean, I even tried to solve the problem with XML), I have found myself working on a schema and data validation system.

I’ll write more about it when it’s more done.

In the meantime, I needed, in several places, both in the schemata and in my internal code, to quickly say β€œgiven these minimum and maximum values, which may or may not be exclusive, construct a validator.”

I was slowly slogging through this, dreading the growing cross-product of possible combinations, when I realized that I made this simple five years ago, and now I could reap the benefits – becoming, once again, probably the only person to use Number::Tolerant.

push @tolerances, Number::Tolerant->new($arg->{min} => 'or_more')
  if defined $arg->{min};
push @tolerances, ... if ...;

my $tol = reduce { $a & $b } @tolerances;

return sub { $_[0] == $tol };

Thanks, younger me! For once you didn’t set me up for more obnoxious work.

Written on July 30, 2008
πŸͺ perl
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