PTS 2019: I went to the Perl Toolchain Summit! (index)

Once again, it is spring in the northern hemisphere, and so time for the Perl Toolchain Summit, aka the QA Hackathon. I’ve made it to most of these, and have usually found them to be productive and invigorating. Everybody shows up with something to do, most of the people you need to help you are there, and everybody is interested in what everybody else is doing and will offer good feedback, advice, or just expressions of appreciation (or sympathy, as the case may require).

Bisham Abbey

The most common topics for me at past summits have been PAUSE, CPAN Testers, Dist::Zilla, and the CPAN::Meta specification. This year, I focused almost entirely on PAUSE, and I think it paid off. Last year, I did quite a bit of work on Dist::Zilla and wasn’t happy with the end result. It might have been a good time to have a second go, but I decided I had a lot more support personnel on hand for PAUSE, and stuck with it. I’ll try to give a general run-down of what I worked on in my posts, and some of it I’ll probably try to expand into some reference material for future PAUSE contributors.

Here are my posts about the summit:

  1. Marlow
  2. Getopt::Long::Descriptive
  3. Module::Faker
  4. Automated PAUSE Testing
  5. PAUSE Inspection Tools

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Written on April 30, 2019
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