Dist::Zilla v6 is here (in trial format)

I’ve been meaning to release Dist::Zilla v6 for quite a while now, but I’ve finally done it as a trial release. I’ll make a stable release in a week or two. So far, I see no breakage, which is about what I expected. Here’s the scoop:

Path::Class has been dropped for Path::Tiny.

Actually, you get a subclass of Path::Tiny. This isn’t really supported behavior. In fact, Path::Tiny tells you not to do this. It won’t be here long, though, and it only needs to work one level deep, which it does. It’s just enough to give people downstream a warning instead of an exception. A lot of the grotty work of updating the internals to use Path::Tiny methods instead of Path::Class methods was done by Kent Frederic. Thanks, Kent!

-v no longer takes an argument

It used to be that dzil test -v put things in verbose mode, dzil test -v Plugin put just that plugin in verbose mode, and dzil -v test screwed up because it decided you meant test as a plugin name, and then couldn’t figure out what command to run.

Now -v is all-things-verbose and -V is one plugin. It turns out that single-plugin verbosity has been broken for some time, and still is. I’ll fix it very soon.

Deprecated plugins deleted

I’ve removed [Prereq] and [AutoPrereq] and [BumpVersion]. These were long marked as deprecated. The first two are just old spellings of the now-canonically-plural versions. BumpVersion is awful and nobody should use it ever.

PkgVersion can generate “package NAME VERSION” lines

So, now you can avoid deciding how to assign to $VERSION and add the version number directly to the package declaration. This also avoids the need to have any room for blank lines in which to add $VERSION.

Dist::Zilla now requires v5.14.0

Party like it’s 2011.

Written on April 24, 2016
🐪 perl
🧑🏽‍💻 programming