todo for 2015?

I wrote a todo for 2014, which I probably stopped thinking about roughly two weeks after writing it. Here’s a summary:

  • write more prose and/or poetry: BARELY
  • write a Cocoa application: FAIL
  • write more programs for fun: DUNNO
  • spend more time with friends: FAIL
  • get my driver’s license: FAIL
  • cook and bake more often: FAIL


I perennially fail at these things, with rare exceptions. I still think it’s worth making a short list, but maybe, then, I should be forced to re-read it every week and write down what kind of progress I’ve made.

Here we go, I’ll keep it brief:

  • write more
  • write some non-trivial programs in other languages
  • get my driver’s license
  • read more (on Goodreads, I said I’d try to read 50 books in 2015)
  • work through my enormous backlog of games in my Steam library
  • get some home improvements done

That’s it. I will attempt to report progress regularly, at least to myself.

Written on January 17, 2015