RPG Recap: Beyond the Temple of the Abyss, 2014-11-08

Thursday, 2nd day of the Frost Moon, 937

After spending the night off the road, the party headed into the elven woods. They moved slowly, for a few hours, through the narrow road as it faded into a path and branched in several directions. In the canopy, giant spiders and other things leapt from tree to tree, ignoring the party.

Another small party, made up of wary insectoid creatures carrying lavender lanterns, passed them slowly by, pausing only to attempt to negotiate the purchase of Oresta. The party declined as best it could, lacking any common tongue.

After some time, they came to a clearing and, investigating, found a number of flat surfaces along the treeline. In one, they found a door, which Knash carefully prised open. The door led to a small room, in which was a small collection of overgrown rotten furniture, including a chair with an overgrown corpse. As the gang raided the room (finding a few weird coins, a pistol, and some bullets), the corpse tore itself from its chair and rushed outside, where it keened loudly, calling to the rest of its kind, similarly sealed up in the trees.

The party fought against the plant men, slowly losing ground. Perrin was badly injured and a vine dragged him toward the cabin. Hoyte was fatally injured, but fought on, making a desperate last stand. Finally, Knash uncased and read one of his scrolls: Imperial War Horror! Instantly transformed into monstrous form, he tore through the remaining plant men, rending them limb from limb and scattering their leaves to the wind. In the end, everyone — save for Hoyte — seemed sure to make it.

“Once he’s dead,” someone said, “let’s check his pockets and get his wages back.”

Written on November 19, 2014
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